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Welcome!Welcome to Encouragement Services. You may sign up for our online classes here that are conducted free concerning forgiveness, and making peace with your past. Encouragement Services will also conduct presentations that details what we are about and the types of services we offer. Everything is done completely online, there is no need to come into our office. For information you may call 1-866-524-4828/email services@encouragementinthetrauma.org
Our goal is to help one through traumatic crisis.
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Encouragement Services
Director of Encouragement Services
Encouragement Services have been around since 2006, and it was started by a mother & two sons. We are encouraging buddies to help one have more peace in a crisis situation that is from trauma /stress.

Encouragement Services Incorporated is very honored and pleased to serve you with our free services of encouragement through phone calls, emails, letters, SKYPE services, online classes, online sessions, pod casts, our poetry, chat lines,and e-cards.

Encouragement Services know that your time is important,and we respect your time. As well, we have clients who call, email, and conduct chat lines with Encouragement Services who desperately need encouraging and a support system through Encouragement Services. For this very reason we ask that you please book appointments of chats, calls, online services, classes, and online sessions at-least 72-96 hours in advance, this is 3-4 days in advance.

If there is an 24 hour service that needs to be made please call us at our International Line:1866-524-4828 ext.2836 and state that this is an emergency or SKYPE us with an SMS TEXT message.

If you are unable to keep your appointment please call us or email us within 24 hours. All appointments of any kind that is not kept will not be booked after a second time of not canceling in 24 hours if needed, or if you are not available for services. We offer a very serious service, and serious inquiries are only what we expect, all others will be reported to the proper authorities and will not be allowed to use Encouragement Services anymore.

Please do not play on our sites, services, blogs,call lines,chats, emails, booking sites,pod casts, or any other services that Encouragement Services offer; Encouragement Services will not tolerate this type of behavior. Encouragement Services will respect you, and we ask that you please respect all of our services.

The Encouragement Services Team


International Phone Line:1866-524-4828 ext.2836


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